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Heat and electricity can easily pass through a metal it is conductive A lump of metal can be beaten into a thin sheet it is malleable or can be pulled into thin wires it is ductile Metal is hard to pull apart it has a high tensile strength or smash it has a high compressive strength If you push on a long, thin piece of metal, it will bend, not break it is elastic Except for cesium, copper, and gold, metals have a neutral, silvery color.
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Meanwhile, however, underground scenes produced an array of more aggressive styles: thrash metal broke into the mainstream with bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, while other extreme subgenres such as death metal and black metal remain subcultural phenomena.
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Heavy Metal Takin'' a Ride" a 1981 song by Don Felder from the soundtrack of Heavy Metal. Heavy" Metal, a 1981 song by Sammy Hagar from the album Standing Hampton, also on the soundtrack of Heavy Metal. Heavy" Metal: The Black and Silver, a 1981 song by Blue Öyster Cult from Fire of Unknown Origin.
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Base, noble, and precious metals. Main articles: Base metal, noble metal, and precious metal. In chemistry, the term base metal is used informally to refer to a metal that is easily oxidized or corroded, such as reacting easily with dilute hydrochloric acid HCl to form a metal chloride and hydrogen.

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